Whiskey Slush Drink Recipe


Summer is going to be here sooner than you think! Let’s switch it up, figure something new out to drink by the pool, to just cool off with.  A whiskey slushie is similar to a frozen margarita but of course has a little twist to it.  Check out the simple ingredients to making your next summer alcohol drink (below image).

What you need:

-1 can of frozen lemonade

-1 can of frozen cranberry juice (or orange juice)

-12 oz. of lemon lime soda

-8 oz. of whiskey (or however much you want really)

Once you have that, all you do is mix them all together in whatever size you’d like and allow it to freeze overnight. The whiskey will keep it from freezing solid and it will end up turning into that slushie. This recipe makes around six servings so depending on the number of people you’re chillin with it’s a good idea to double or triple it up!