theRACKUP iPhone App Released!


Check out how to add theRACKUP to your iPhone in 3 easy steps! Just follow the simple steps below on your phone! 

Step 1: On your iPhone, Tablet or iTouch, open up Safari and go to

Step 1

Step 2: Once on our website, tap the screen lightly and scroll up so the lower area of the browser appears. Click the box with an up arrow located at the bottom of Safari. A box will slide up with options for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen’.

Step 2

Step 3: It will ask you to name your new app. Optional: Name it theRACKUP (remove the rest of the title so it looks nicer)

Step 3


You have your new daily funny and sexy app to easily check out directly on your iPhone, Tablet and/or iTouch! Step 4