You Named Your Baby What?! (25 Pics)


Some people are just out of this world. These poor babies are going to grow up with these names and get made fun of all through out their school days and on. Shame on your parents!

Image 268879_5_.png

Image 268881_5_.jpg

Image 268882_5_.jpg

Image 268884_5_.png

Image 268885_5_.png

Image 268886_5_.jpg

Image 268889_5_.jpg

Image 268891_5_.jpg

Image 268893_5_.jpg

Image 268894_5_.jpg

Image 268899_5_.jpg

Image 268901_5_.jpg

Image 268907_5_.png

Image 268909_5_.jpg

Image 268910_5_.jpg

Image 268911_5_.png

Image 268912_5_.png

Image 268913_5_.jpg

Image 268915_5_.png

Image 268916_5_.png

Image 268918_5_.jpg

Image 268920_5_.jpg

Image 268921_5_.jpg

Image 268923_5_.jpg