Just Fire these Cake Decorators Already (25 Pics)


So I imagine being a cake decorator takes zero knowledge by the looks of these fail pictures. I’m guessing when they call to say what they want on their cakes, the decorator just doesn’t put 2+2 together.

Image 194.jpg

Image 204.jpg

Image 95.jpg

Image nyt-cake1.jpg

Image 135.jpg

Image 144.jpg

Image 77.jpg

Image 86.jpg

Image 155.jpg

Image 165.jpg

Image 216.jpg

Image 217.jpg

Image 105.jpg

Image 1110.jpg

Image 119.jpg

Image 127.jpg

Image 174.jpg

Image 184.jpg

Image 225.jpg

Image 235.jpg

Image 37.jpg

Image 46.jpg

Image 58.jpg

Image 67.jpg