Please Jump off a Bridge and Forget Your Paraschute (20 Pics)


Okay, the title seems a bit harsh but these wtf people are just flat out ridiculous! This falls very nicely under Twisted Tuesday!

Image a97767_rsz_uglyfeet.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_toiletlipstick.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_squishedkid.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_shoppingcart.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_manthong.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_manbaby.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_laptop.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_hands.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_funny-drunk-picture.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_doghouse.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_butt.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_boobs.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_blowupdoll.jpg

Image a97767_rsz_badass.jpg

Image a97767_Photo52.jpg

Image a97767_Photo22.jpg

Image a97767_Photo20.jpg

Image a97767_Photo18.jpg

Image a97767_Photo5.jpg

Image a97767_Photo1.jpg