Teen Attempts to Poison Mother After Taking Phone Away, Uh What?


Hey 90s kids- remember when we got our first cell phone?  Mine was an indestructible Nokia brick (that had a super hi-tech game of snake on it!) when I was 16.  Of course, I hardly spoke on it- and God forbid I spent the big bucks on those pricey single texts- but having it was a privilege.

Some 12-year-old terror from Colorado “allegedly” attempted to poison her mother- not once, but twice- for taking away her iPhone.  Thinking that a hint of bleach was merely a clean smell, the girl’s mother didn’t think anything of the stomach irritation she experienced after using the tampered glass.

Upon noticing the same suspicious smell coming from her glassware only a few days later, the mother confronted her daughter.  The girl freely admitted to wanting revenge for her iPhone’s confiscation, and now she’s in custody for two counts of attempted murder.

I’ll admit that I was quite the hell raiser growing up, but no matter how harsh a punishment I received, it never crossed my mind to harm my parents.  This horrible incident raises many questions: What did a 12-year-old need her iPhone so badly for that she wanted to inflict harm on her own mother?  Should kids be exposed to such advanced technology so young?  Should any of us, regardless of age, be using as many electronics as often as we do?  I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tempted to shut my computer down for the night and read a book.