Guy Mocking Upset Fans Immortalized on CBS (Watch)


According to my very upset little sister, fans of worldwide pop sensation, One Direction, have been heartbroken over one of one of the members, Zayn Malik, leaving due to experiencing high stress levels.  Many young fans took to the internet to express how hurt they were, so naturally, there was bound to be someone mocking them.

In a segment on CBS news displaying various videos of fans crying on social networking site, Vine, funny guy Ben Berst’s melodramatic clip made it on the air.

I would say that this could be a lesson to be careful of what you post online with your full name as to not have anything idiotic for potential employers to find, but after Googling this kid’s name, with how many stupid things he has already posted, this wannabe internet sensation is probably thrilled that he’s actually receiving a bit of attention.