How Penis Stretchers Help Extend Your Male Member

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How Penis Stretchers Help Extend Your Male Member


There is no doubt that they could use an increase in the size of their sex organ for many men. But while many are scared of surgical procedures to increase penis length and girth, there are other ways to achieve a bigger dick without any risk. The use of penis stretchers is one way to extend your male member, and the good part is that it is available and affordable.

Think of the ways you could benefit from a few inches to your penis. You will surely feel a lot confident when it is time for sex and last longer in bed. If you think size never mattered in lovemaking, you surely want to think again. There is something different about a fully erect organ with the right length and girth. And only a woman’s vagina can honestly describe the feeling. Not sure whether a penis stretcher is for you, below are a few things you should know about the device.

What is a Penis Stretcher?

Also known as a penis extender, this device is worn over the male sex organ when it is in the flaccid state and uses mechanical contraction to increase its size. Various studies have shown that the device does prove useful in increasing the length of the male member while also improving sexual activity for men who used them for up to six months.

How Does Penis Extender Works?


Most men for fear of damage to the penile muscles dread the use of penis extenders and pumps. Even a cock-ring is something many guys rarely use as the majority prefer to go for a pill. While Viagra and other sex pills only improve your performance, and the effects are usually short-lived. But extenders work to provide a lasting solution to increased size and performance. To get the best out of a dick enlarger, you first want to know how to use it safely.

The process for penile pumps involves using a traction or pump device to increase the length of the penis. In the case of a vacuum pump, the device is worn over the male sex organ, and you would then have to pump air from the vacuum into the male organ. The air passes through the penile opening at the tip of the male organ and forces blood flow, which results in a stiff and swollen organ.

For penis extenders, the process aims to increase the male organ’s length by stretching the tissues in the dick. It is non-painful, like surgery, but it is common to experience discomfort during the procedure or after stimulation of the muscles and blood vessels.

What to Expect with a Penis Extender?

Unlike pills and other methods of increasing the male member, extenders tend to provide a lasting effect. But to get the best out of the procedure, you want to use a high-quality device. Most extenders are available for sale online, and at your local sex store, so you want to research the best products before shopping. There are suggestions here on the best options in the market that are comfortable to use.

There is no doubt that you can notice a considerable increase in the size of your penis. But this means that you have to use the device daily for six months. In most studies, patients who used the method for more than four hours daily for six months noticed an increase of up to 1.0 inches for a flaccid dick, and close to 2.0 inches when erect.

Side Effects of Penile Extenders

You could also suffer from minor complications with the use of a stretching device on your male member. It is best to seek medical advice when looking to use an extender to increase your penis length. Some of the side effects that are related to the procedure include

  • Redness of the skin, irritation, and itching of the male organ during and after the process.
  • It is also common to suffer bruising on the male organ when you use an extender.
  • You could also feel numb between your legs for a few minutes of hours after using an extender.
  • A broken blood vessel is also a common side effect with the use of a stretcher.

Aside from these, there could be other minor complications such as headache, dizziness, and fatigue resulting from the stretching of the male member. They are entirely safe for use, especially when you follow a medical practitioner’s guidance before you begin the procedure. You can find more on this website about the best natural methods to increase the penis without complications.

It is safe to say there is no potentially harmful risk to your male member using extenders, but you want to ensure you use the best products available. The sex toy industry isn’t regulated, so there are different types of products available, both good and bad. And it is in your best interest to get the best ones you can find. You can check through online reviews of some popular products and find out what others have to say about it.

Final Note

A penis stretcher is a lasting solution to increasing the size of the male member. You can increase your male organ by up to 1 inches when flaccid and 2 inches when erect. However, you must use the device correctly if you intend to notice any positive results after a few months.

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