Sexy Girls are Distracting! Eye Candy Causes Road Accidents…


Be careful when you drive and there is a hot chick nearby bro!

Every day, more than 1000 people are injured in car accidents caused by distracted driving. Any activities that take your attention away from the road can increase the risk of crashing, and numerous campaigns continue to alert drivers to common causes of accidents. However, there are many reasons for your eyes to wander off the road, and a less recognized cause of distracted driving is cleavage. Now considered one of the best iconic ads, the poster of Eva Herzigova wearing nothing but a bra made many men late for work in 1994. And, in Moscow, 500 minor accidents were blamed on drivers checking out an advertising campaign featuring a huge photo of breasts plastered on the side of vans. Keeping your eyes on the road can be difficult with such alluring distractions, but they can cause serious accidents and should be ignored … at least while you’re driving!

Attention-Grabbing Sexy Billboards

Advertising campaigns understand that sex still sells and can be very effective in grabbing the attention of consumers. Unfortunately, when sex is used on roadside billboards, that attention is taken away from safe driving. When drivers are distracted by arousing images, speed and traffic flow are affected, as cars drift between lanes and recklessly cross intersections. Even if you manage to keep your eyes on the road, other distracted tailgating drivers may hit your car from behind. Being injured in an accident can be overwhelming, but a personal injury lawyer can clearly explain the legal process and handle negotiations on your behalf. However, in order to reduce the number of unnecessary accidents occurring in the first place, it’s important to continue to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, whatever the reason behind it.

Distracted By Attractive Women

It’s easy to turn off your car stereo and put your phone out of reach, but even if billboards are removed, other potential distractions can pop up at any time. An insurance survey has shown that nearly 60% of men are distracted by attractive women while driving, especially during the summer months when more flesh is on show. In these circumstances, the only solution is to recognize the dangers of distraction and practice self-control to keep your eyes on the road.

Distracted driving causes accidents, but so many diversions, from a text on your phone to eye candy on the road, can be very difficult to ignore. Some can be removed from the driving experience, but for others you’ll just have to save them for when you’re not on the road.