The ultimate guide to giving good oral sex to a woman


We talk a lot about girls and dating on this blog. Meeting a new girl is great, but making sure that you can please her in bed is one of the many reasons while she will stick around and date your for the long term.

Here are some tips on how to give good oral sex to a woman.


Unless you meet a girl in a nightclub and you guys are super horny and it’s 5 am right now, most girls like to take things slow, especially during the first date or 1st time that you guys are having sex.

Remember to relax and take things slow, after a lot of foreplay, if both of you get really horny only then is a good time to go faster.

Good oral sex is not just about the Vagina

We all know that the longer the foreplay, the more amazing the oral sex is afterward.

Start by kissing her neck, ears, slowly lick her breasts and stomach. Take your time before going all the way down to her genital area.

I cannot stress enough the importance of foreplay. Every single professional sex coach for men that I met in my life keep on teaching men how to do foreplay correctly and take things slow before having intercourse with a woman.

Take Her Panties Off

Once you have kissed her whole body you can slowly take her panties off.

Giving her compliments will help her feel good and relaxed. Remember that society put s lot of pressure on women when it comes to the appearance of their bodies. Some of them might be insecure about their private body parts, so compliment her!

Kiss The Area Around Her Genitals

Even if you are super horny and you want to get to business quick, once her panties are off, take the time to tease her, kiss her thighs, her belly button, the more you tease the more horny she will get, and she will get more wet too.

Make eye contact while you lick her pussy

Eye contact is the biggest turn on for most women, as we all know that women like dominant men, and most dominant men have very strong eye contact.

So make eye contact with her while having sex and giving her oral sex, it will turn her on like crazy!

Use your fingers too

While you like her clitoris, you can use your fingers too and insert them slowly inside her.

you will feel an area that feels more brought inside of her, that is the g-spot. It’s a good area to massage with your fingers while eating her out!

Suck on her clitoris

Most women love when you suck on their clitoris. So much that even the newest sex toys replicate this suction effect.

To do this effectively, you can spread her vagina lips with your fingers so the clitoris is exposed, then it will be easier for you to place your mouth over it and start sucking on it and make her feel good.

Alternate your movements with your tongue

As a guideline, it’s always good to use different techniques while giving oral sex, instead of just repeating the same motion with your tongue over and over again like a sex robot haha…

You can alternate between these techniques:

  • Fast licking
  • Slow licking
  • Sucking on the clitoris
  • Inserting your fingers at the same time as you lick her
  • Lick and kiss other parts of her body for a few seconds and return to the vagina

Please note that after a few minutes of giving her oral sex, it’s time to make her reach and orgasms, so if this is your goal then it can work well to only use 1 oral sex technique with your tongue and repeat it until she gets an orgasm.

Use her favorite technique to achieve this!

It will be easy to tell which one she likes the most, as she will often moan more or squeeze your hands while you do it.

In Conclusion

I hope you found these tips on how to give oral sex to a woman useful, if you would like more tips, you can look for more on Google, or get advanced tips from a professional sex coach for men.

The second option will obviously cost you a few dollars, but they will be dollars well spent as having a good sex life is a key to maintaining a happy relationship.