How to choose the best prostate massager for you


How to Choose the Best Prostate Massager for You

Prostate massagers, when used rightly, assure you of one thing: mind-bending orgasms. Admittedly, using prostate massager needs a bit of experience, but the work gets smaller and the fun larger when you choose the best prostate massagers.

Amidst the swathes of prostate massagers scattered across the market today, getting the right prostate massager is quite a big ask, isn’t it? Well, in this guide, we put through your paces, exploring the primary considerations that should help you arrive at that best prostate massager for you. You can also read the ultimate guide to prostate pleasure on Let’s go!

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Always prioritize the size

When choosing prostate massagers, the size should be a significant consideration. Your level of acquaintance with massagers should determine the size you go for. Indeed, the size is directly related to how the comfortable the massager is for you and the consequent magnitude of pleasure derived from it.

If you are just new to the game, it serves you better to go for smaller prostate massagers. A massager with a maximum diameter of 1 inch should be a good starting point for newbies.

As you climb the ladder and gain more experience, you can step up the size of your massager. For expert users, you can go for massagers the size of a big butt plug.

Examine its mode of vibration

For many people, the vibration is the fun when it comes to prostate massagers. The preference for vibrating prostate massagers is understandable, given that it is difficult copying your body’s vibration.

For new users – and to a reasonable extent for experienced users – it could be more fun using vibrating massagers. This is considering how remarkably these vibrating massagers relieve your hand of the pressure of actively managing the massager. This way, you can better relax and focus on savoring the sweet sensations from your massager.

Now, if you prefer vibrating prostate massagers, you should be keen on the mode of vibration. You are best served going for massagers whose vibration capacities are adjustable. SVAKOM sex toys like the SVAKOM Judy has an unbelievable 25 Pleasure Modes for you to pick from joyfully.

Never ignore the material makeup

Sadly, many people jump into a sex toy shop and jump out hastily with just any prostate massager, without paying attention to which material the massager is made of.

There is a broad spectrum of materials when it comes to prostate massagers. Fundamentally, you should go for prostate massagers made from non-porous materials.

Sex toys made from porous materials like TPR, PVC, latex, and rubber are a complete no-no. The truth is, sex toys made from these materials are significantly cheaper. But they are terribly unhealthy.

These sex toys have a high chance of breaking down. Consequently, this leaves debris (as well as dangerous bacteria) logged in delicate parts of your body. What more, porous-material-sex toys retain dirt.

As typical of SVAKOM sex toys, the best prostate massagers are made from non-porous materials like silicone, metal, glass, and steel are your best bet. For more tips, check out the guide on choosing the best anal toys for men on


Does it get stuck?

No doubt, it is far from a pleasant experience getting your prostate massager stuck. The pain and embarrassment should be best avoided. This is why you should always consider the prostate massager mechanism that keeps it from getting stuck.

The base of your choice prostate massager must agree with your intended use for it. For users who prefer to keep their massagers inside their body for longer, it suits you better buying massagers with flared bases.

Such bases (or those with T-bar bases) are befitting for people who intend to wear their prostate massager out. With this design, the chances are infinitely low that your massager goes too far inside you getting stuck.

Take note that if you belong to this category of users who intend to wear their massagers out, you should buy a massager with a relatively discreet size. Of course, you want the embarrassment of your prostate massager shooting out of your clothes.

With such reduced size and design, you can comfortably sit down outdoors with your prostate massager tucked inside invisibly at the right angle.

Nonetheless, if you prefer a more hands-on experience using your prostate massager, you may go for massagers equipped with handles. This way, you are in more charge, directly regulating how far and how well your massager moves. Now, when you go for such massagers with handles, they mustn’t be excessively slippery.

Is it waterproof?

If you love using your prostate massagers in the shower, it would be better to buy a prostate massager with waterproof capacities. Most SVAKOM sex toys – as characteristic of the best prostate massagers –are splashproof.

This way, you comfortably and sustainably use them in the shower without having to worry about your prostate massager rusting. When buying massagers, spare some time to read the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine if the massager can survive usage in the shower and how well you clean it after the exercise.

That brings us to an end! We hope you have learned reasonably to choose that beautiful prostate massager that lavishes you with those mindblowing orgasms. Our parting advice is to avoid always going for the cheapest massager. Invest reasonably in a prostate massager that gives you bountiful returns on your investment for longer.