The Ultimate Female Sex Toys are Finally Here


Sex toys provide our bodies with sensations that we otherwise would never know or fully grasp the implications (as in implying your orgasm will probably be the best it has ever been) of which they maintain in enhancing positivity around our sex lives. As well, the most wonderful of idiosyncrasies surrounding the culture of toy play is their sheer unique nature of characteristics, as there exist now a plethora of female sex toys that women can choose from. Check out these massive lists on Cosmo and Women’s Health Magazine.

The ability to embody every trait of sensuality that you seek directly into your favorite toy is incredible, and it is an excellent asset in providing to you these skin shivering feelings. That being said, however, with choice also arises difficulty in understanding exactly what toy might be best for you and your needs, as well as exactly what ‘ultimate’ means in terms of sex toys. To help you direct your choice with knowledge, we are going to showcase some of the qualities that you should be diligent to seek out in your next erotic sex toy purchase.

Sensation through Variety- Female Sex Toys with More than One Pleasure


Sex is intricate and we as people are intricate, especially the network of the thousands of nerves found throughout the anatomy that is the female vagina. Arousal, pleasure, and sensation; all a result of the artwork that is how the different parts of a vagina interact to provide the meaning of these very words. The feelings that if acted on right will open doors to the lands of the elusive orgasm.

Because that is just it, a vagina is way more than just a vagina. Each part requires a specific treatment to reach the epitome of stimulation, such as when you realize the vaginal cavity itself really doesn’t have that many nerves for feeling! Instead, it is actually dulled out to help lower the pain of childbirth. Or that the clitoris spans inside you and well beyond just the little “gland” above the vagina that is sometimes mistaken to be the entire clitoris.

With this means that hey, maybe JUST a dildo isn’t enough. Maybe I need to add a little vibration to really get things going. And by vibration, let’s shake the very soul of your vagina as a whole! You want to pleasure your vaginal walls, you want to promote sensation on the clitoris from the inside, as well as treating the extra sensitive little area on the outside that is the exposed gland of your clitoris; all at the same time!

And to do all of this, you absolutely need only the ultimate of female sex toys that can manage this high order.

Dual Hitachi Magic Wand Vibrators


A dual Hitachi magic wand vibrator provides you with a large, vibrating ball that will please the outside of your vagina to immeasurable extents, and when you need a to fulfill your desire for penetration, simply turn it around and feel the dildo end of the toy push deep inside you. This type of vibrator was made famous by the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand massager in Australia.

A wonderful toy for solo play, but also a great addition to any couples experience, as the wand portion of the vibrator will allow for feelings of pure enlightenment as you massage your clitoris while your partner takes care of the rest. There’s a good reason why the Hitachi Magic Wand in Australia is one of the most popular sex toys ever!

Rabbit Vibrators

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There is not a female sex toy to exist that will trigger your spots in a nature as superlative in providing blissful sensation as does a rabbit vibrator. These things embody exactly the intricacy we were talking about, the ability to treat every inch of your vagina.

The dildo portion will caress your vaginal walls calm and smooth whilst maintaining vibration from the inside, treating the unseen portion of your clitoris with an experience comparable to drinking up a pina colada on a foreign beach. Meanwhile, the specialized design of the outside rabbit ears will place themselves delicately on the outside of your vagina, the exposed portion of your clitoris soaking under its own rain as the rest of the rabbit vibrator takes care or any desire for penetration.

Don’t Forget About Your Butt…


Since we are on the topic of a variety of sensations, we cannot forget about the pure joys of anal play! Especially anal play that is combined with the loveliest of vaginal play. To go even deeper (pun intended), there indeed does exist three-in-one ultimate female sex toys.

These toys are designed to allow your anal and vaginal cavities to be penetrated in all the best of erotic ways as the outside carefully cups and hugs your clitoris, vibrating you into a high you might never want to come down from. Tread carefully with these as you might just like them too much!

Just kidding, don’t tread carefully at all and instead go at it whenever and however you like!

Remote Control means YOU are in Control

You know yourself and the feelings you love better than anyone. Vibrators are amazing, but when they allow you to customize the speed of which they treat you to the prime of self-love with only the click of an up or a down button; well then they are well beyond the meaning of just amazing.

Oh no, remote control vibrators are far more than that. They are exactly what you need to treat your body to the ebb and flow of more and less, harder and softer. You aren’t forced to one wavelength, and instead, you can entirely create your own. Sex is special, especially is masturbation, and the tools of which we use during such must be cognizant of this. By giving you the freedom of choice in how you wish to be treated, remote control vibrators are easily one of the ultimate female sex toys available.

Ultimate Defined through Quality

To be defined as simply the best of female sex toys, quality should never be overlooked! In fact, quality is one of the most important characteristics in defining ultimate, as anything less will probably do the exact opposite of what you are looking for.

Maybe it doesn’t vibrate enough, maybe a piece of it broke off. Regardless of what, low-quality sex toys are honestly dangerous! Porous and cheap materials like PVC (you want to look for silicone!) allow bacteria to enter the pores and also increase the chance of the toy slowly but surely breaking down inside you. Avoid any fear of production and general quality by shopping at only a well known and highly regarded online or physical adult toy store, something like the incredible collections available at

Rest easy knowing that what is going inside you in the most spiritual of manners will respect yourself as a both a physical and spiritual being, as there is nothing more important in terms of your sex life than allowing youself to revel in only what you DESERVE.