6 How to Keep Your Life Balanced While Combining Work and College



Many students nowadays work part-time to earn extra cash for extracurricular activities such as traveling, making new friends, learning a new language, among other things. However, it isn’t easy to combine studying with working nowadays especially when you need to write a paper as an additional requirement. Therefore, you can buy custom essays online to devote more time to work. This article aims at exposing the secrets of finding a work-study-life balance and how you can fit it all in. You can also check out this guide on how to write essays.

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  1. Finding balance

To succeed at combining work and college, you need to set goals and balance your work and life balance. When you consider the time you need to sleep, eat, travel, read, work, you may begin to understand how stressful it is to combine work and schooling. Studies have shown that it is easier to manage your study and work between 10 and 15 hours per week. However, if you work more than this, you may find it difficult to cope, lest your academic performance begins to falter.

2. Finding the right type of work

Finding the right type of job is the most crucial aspect of every job search, and at the same time, it helps you effectively combine work, life, and study without one hampering the other. Check out this blog post about finding the best jobs for college students on Wonolo.com.

The primary goal for working is to earn money and get paid reasonably well, but you must find a flexible job for your schedule as a student. Your options include finding a temporary job, filling a position in the short term, and working full time during the holidays. It’s even better if you have skills such as graphics design, web development, content writing, you can offer your services as a freelance.

You can also go for the less stressful options such as on-campus jobs as it will save you the time required for commuting to and from the campus, and there is an added security that comes with working on campus. Working on campus also gives you the freedom to focus on your work during weekends. You can also explore the option of paid volunteer jobs or picking up shifts in a bar, café, retail store, and even working during seasonal events and festivals, as this will afford you the opportunity of socializing, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences.

3. Prioritize

In all that you do, you must categorize and scale your activities in order of importance. By doing things that way, you can fit it all in without losing much sleep or sacrificing your efficiency in other endeavors.


Combining work and college is never an easy task. You have to first evaluate yourself to be able to handle the stress while making sure the job you get is one that gives you enough time for your studies.