Cal Car Cover Winter Must-Haves For Your Chevy


Winter Must-Haves For Your Chevy

Winter calls for a little extra preparation in all areas of your life. When it comes to keeping your classic Chevy in fine condition, there are some solid options. Chevy floor mats are a true necessity if you want your car’s interior to remain in good shape through the winter months. Snow and ice and the extra chemicals and dirt on the roads are likely to find their way onto your shoes and into your car. Hot beverages are also an excellent way to ward off the chill of the season, but they often end up spilling onto the floorboards. Quality mats keep your car clean and looking its best. They are easy to clean too: just take them out and shake them off and replace them. In three minutes you have cleaned most of the interior and have prevented any permanent damage to the upholstery.

Chevy Winter Accessory Buying Guide

Whether you are planning on working on your vehicle in the garage this winter or just looking for some helpful products to make winter more bearable, you can find them online. Winter accessories come in all shapes and sizes:

  • Seat covers
  • Dash covers
  • Tire gauge and hoses
  • Car care kits
  • Mud guards and flaps
  • Floor liners

For the ultimate in winter protection, an outdoor car bubble safeguards your vehicle from snow, ice , mildew, dents and everything winter can throw at it. When compared with other storage options such as building a structure, the bubble is an economic alternative. It is constructed of tough materials and forms a zone of protection around your car when it is inflated.  Pressure fans continuously filter the air and eliminate harmful condensation. The car capsule is easy to easy and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Now when the cold winds blow, you can rest easy knowing your classic Chevy is supremely protected from the elements.

How To Properly Store Your Vehicle In Cold Weather

Other options for quality winter storage include a wide choice of Chevy car covers. You can order a custom-designed cover that perfectly fits the contours of your vehicle, going over mirrors and bumpers without the need for pulling or stretching. For a little less money, universal ready-fit covers will work on your make and model but without an exact custom fit. If you plan to store your vehicle outside this winter, it’s smart to look into the superweave material. It’s tough and versatile. While it works fine indoors and protects against dust, it really shines in the outdoors. It is water resistant and protects against UV rays. Its smooth material easily slips over your car or truck without causing scratches, and it is breathable. As for practical concerns, the right car cover comes in many colors and folds into a small bundle when not in use.

Winter can be tough on your vehicle, but with the right products you can make sure your classic vehicle makes it though the cold months without a scratch. Shop online today for the best Chevy car covers and winter accessories for your car or truck.