Your First Sex Toy Experience and What You Should Know Before Buying One


Your First Sex Toy and What You Should Know Before You Buy One

Buying your first sex toy can be intimidating. Even if you’re not necessarily a shy, innocent person, we know that the idea of getting your first vibrator might make you blush like a teenager talking about sex haha.

Before you think you have it tough, imagine that women couldn’t shop for sex toys online just a few years ago. In turn, they had to physically step into a sex shop to buy a toy from an actual shop owner, in the uplifting company of multiple silicone ding-dongs, happily jumping in front of their eyes. Possibly being stared down by the “regulars”.

Luckily, times have changed, and all the ding-dongs are just one click away from your house.

Plus, the sex awareness is much bigger, the choice is much broader, and the pleasure coming from sex gadgets – much deeper.

If you’ve just decided to get your first sex toy or prostate massager, congratulations! You’re on the right path to an unforgettable sexual experience.

Before you go, there are a few more things that you should remember before purchasing your first sex gadget.

Be Proud of Yourself!

The key to any first sexual experience is a good vibe. Put on some good music, turn the lights down and remember to keep a positive mindset to make your first time as pleasurable as possible.

Buying your first sex gadget is a big moment, so celebrate it with pride. As a wholly independent woman, you’ve decided to do something for your own pleasure. Hell yeah! Go for it, girl!

Decide What You Like

The world of sex toys seems big, wild, and mysterious, but don’t worry; there’s something in it for everyone. However, before you buy your dream sex toy, you should thoroughly consider your options. To avoid purchasing a gadget that doesn’t fully satisfy your needs, consider a few questions:

  • What type of sex toy do I want? A vibrator, a dildo, a masturbation sleeve, or something completely different?
  • Do I prefer a sex toy that is meant for clitoral stimulation or a vaginal one? Both? What do I like better?
  • Do I want my gadget to be rechargeable or battery operated?
  • How vital is the g spot stimulation to me?
  • Will I use the toy alone or with a partner?

For the first time, we suggest you go for what you typically like. As exciting as it is, keep the experimental phase for later.

Finally, Remember About Safety

We can’t stress this enough. Before buying, always make sure that your dream sex toy is body-safe. The list of consequences of using a toxic sex toy is striking, from allergic reactions and bacteria infections to even problems with fetal development for pregnant women.

To find out whether your first vibrator is body-safe, check out the detailed infographics below, provided by the Adult Toy Shop: