5 reasons why poppers are banned


5 Reasons Why Poppers Are Banned

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Poppers were discovered in 1844 when they were synthesized by Antoine Jerome Balard, a French chemist. Since then, they have been used in a number of health and household needs. Perhaps, the largest cultural group to gain from poppers is the LGBT community because of their use in the relaxation of the anal muscles.

5 Reasons Why Poppers Are Banned

To start with, the use of poppers has been accused for the rampant spread of AIDS. The argument states that there is a strong connection between poppers and the spread of HIV. It has been reported that the poppers can cause euphoria, and the excitement makes the users emphasize less on the condom use.

Second, poppers can affect the normal structure and functioning of parts of the body. A study by the British Journal of Ophthalmology found out that there is a link between the use of poppers and retinal damage. The study stated that men aged 31 to 59 who used poppers, experienced visual disturbances. This takes place in hours or even days after inhalation. Prolonged use of poppers could lead to scotoma.

Third, there is a possibility that the use of poppers can lead to an orgy. A simple search through the internet shows that the use of poppers for the purpose of an orgy is not uncommon. This is more so in big cities such as London. In countries where poppers are banned, the police have arrested users in loud night parties.

Fourth, there are several side effects associated with the use of poppers. This is because the product expands the blood vessels and increases the flow of the blood. Users of poppers have reported increased sensitivity and a sense of euphoria. In addition to that, users have reported feeling dizzy, lightheartedness, and a decrease in blood pressure. Others state that upon using poppers, they feel faint, and they have chest pains.

Lastly, there are governments which view poppers as an opiate and therefore, they have banned them. When the popper is inhaled, one feels a short and sharp head rush. The concern is that the product could affect the central nervous system.


Why UK Has Allowed Poppers

Poppers UK¬†legislation did not come without a fight. Proponents of the product (more so the LGBT groups) have made a sustained campaign to push for a liberal use of poppers as the user wishes. Again, the UK government saw the futility of the legislation in that the poppers are available anyway, even in the times they were illegal. Most of the research findings in the UK negated the government’s stand on the psycho-active substances bill.

Much as poppers have been banned in some countries, do not feel discouraged. If you are living in a country where poppers are legal, then learn the best ways of using them, use them safely, and enjoy the liberty. If you are living in a country where they are illegal, find explore creative ways of getting them, and most important, use them safely.