Inside the close relationship between Fashion Nova and Cardi B


Before 2018 when the love affair between Fashion Nova and Cardi B started, the rapper had stated her love for Fashion Nova unequivocally. November 15, 2018, Cardi B and Fashion Nova released a fashion collaboration that contained 80 pieces. These pieces contained Cardi B’s statement denim and other jaw-dropping clothes. Fashion accessories were not left out too.

The collaboration birthed a blossoming fashion story. Here, we would like to examine the close-knit relationship between Fashion Nova and Cardi B.

Scroll through Cardi B’s Insta page, and you’ll hear the rapper mumble some lines on Fashion Nova. The love is that deep. For example, on ‘She bad’, she mentions that she can afford to buy a designer, but Fashion fits all her a**.

It is noteworthy that Cardi B is Fashion Nova’s first celebrity ambassador. Before her first collaboration, Cardi B said that she intends to give women a sense of belonging and put some smiles on their faces. She reiterated that she wanted to make them feel like they were putting on designer clothing, when, in fact, it was Fashion Nova’s.

Dominican by origin, Cardi B lived with her working parents in South Bronx, among people who belonged to different races. Before she became a rapper, she worked as a stripper. As someone exposed to different facets of life earlier on, it is safe to deduce that she identified with the struggles of the average person. It is exactly why she identifies with a brand that provides quality for less.

There is another instance of a video Cardi B uploaded on Instagram (it is deleted now). In her words, she said that “Wanna know how rich people like me stay rich? “By staying on a budget. These pants right here are Fashion Nova.”

Season 1 of Cardi B-Fashion Nova collaboration

With 80 clothing pieces that ranged from junior to curve, Cardi B and Fashion Nova sought to bridge the gap between expensive and affordable. The average price of these pieces was $40. The event held at Los Angeles on November 14.

The launch happened by midnight, and fans streamed the event live from everywhere in the world. The aim was to change the perception of people towards budget clothes. Before the launch, many people believed that high-end clothes were of superior quality than cheap ones. Thanks to the successful event, those mindsets began to change.

Cardi B was quite critical of denim due to her previous experiences. She used to purchase denim that ripped after a short while. The story changed with Fashion Nova, and she was proud to publicize the brand. Oh, the pieces sold out almost immediately.

Season 2 of Cardi B-Fashion Nova collaboration

Due to the first season’s tremendous success, it was a no-brainer to organize a second event. On May 8, 2019, she launched her second collaboration with the brand. This was different because much more was expected of the brand and Cardi B. Just before the start, the rapper herself admitted that she was a bit nervous because of the expectations.

There were more pieces on display than the first season. A close look at some of the pieces suggests that Cardi B’s music had considerable influence on the collection. An example is the biker shorts that were themed “Drip Drip”. It resonates with one of her song titles.

Just like Fashion Nova’s collections, Cardi B’s taste in fashion is limitless. Within 24 hours of the launch, the company made $1 million. It marked another milestone in Cardi B’s fruitful journey with Fashion Nova.

With the help of Fashion Nova, Cardi B has become an inspiration for many ladies by showing them that they do not have to wear designers before they can ‘drip’ or dress elegantly.

With the second launch’s success, Fashion Nova stockpiled more than quadruple the number of products the company lined out in the first launch. By day 3, people who checked out the website realized that the products were unavailable.

The best term to describe the relationship between Fashion Nova and Cardi B is mutualistic. We cannot help but express our admiration towards but parties. Since the beginning of their partnership, the ratings of both parties have skyrocketed.

Cardi B rakes in millions, but the biggest winner is Fashion Nova. The fashion brand didn’t record such massive sales before the collaboration. The first season was almost a sell-out, and the second season was a massive success.

Asides that, Fashion Nova has been investing heavily in Influencer marketing. In 2019, Fashion Nova invested $40 million in influencer marketing, the highest for the year. From their previous successes with Cardi B, they understand the importance of influencer marketing and how it can help rake in more income for their company. Cardi B has a page on Fashion Nova’s website dedicated to her collections.

Just like Cardi B, Fashion Nova is a social media-savvy company. They’re well-known for their fashion ideas, especially on Instagram. In 2018, Fashion Nova was the most-searched fashion brand on Google.

Cardi B is particularly endearing towards the fashion brand because they both started in a similar fashion. Fashion Nova, which has 18.6 million Instagram followers, has the visual-based social media app as its forte. Similarly, Cardi B’s popularity began to build up with her Instagram page.

With a blossoming relationship that is prosperous for Cardi B and Fashion Nova, we look forward to seeing more product launch from both parties.