Adult Business Get Started with Turnkey Scripts


Adult Businesses: Get Started with Turnkey Scripts

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What exactly are Turnkey Scripts? Also called Turnkey Solutions, these are ready-to-go full packaged software that one can easily purchase and deploy without going through an entire software development lifecycle from scratch.

No doubt, there is be a big contrast between turnkey scripts and custom-made solutions, which you design and build from scratch specifically for your unique business requirements.

There is also no denying that turnkey solutions have their pros and cons depending on the size, industry, goals, aimed turnaround time, and level of the capable capital investment that you can afford in the process. Especially if you are building a business in the adult industry, the effects of these mentioned factors magnify exponentially.

Let’s understand this with an example – Building an adult webcam site!

You have a great idea to build a special camming site where you want to interest strippers and sex workers into performing on it as an alternative to their regular job, which has been dead due to the COVOD-19 pandemic.

If you start developing your website today with a decent team of developers, it would take not less than 10 months to plan, design, develop, test, and deploy the same. I am not even considering the time it would take for marketing and attracting decent traction after the deployment.

By that time, your idea, which is absolutely a gem at the moment, may go obsolete due to a pile of random reasons:

  • The pandemic might end; strippers and sex workers might have returned to their regular jobs.
  • Or worse, someone else might start a similar website before you.

This is just a small example of how sensitive time as a factor could be when it comes to building an online business. The more time it takes, the costlier it becomes. You can only assume the damages due to other factors such as the nature of the industry, regulations in the market, and new trends making it to the users after 10 months.

Turnkey solutions can come in extremely handy in such situations…

Instead of developing your special camming site from scratch, you could go for a turnkey webcam script. For example, xShows is a turnkey solution for the same needs.

Using xShows, you could instantly skip 10 months of planning, designing, development, and multiple stages of testing. You could jump right to the deployment, which is a few minutes process involving the upload and installation of xShows source-code on your hosting server to get a ready-made adult webcam site.

With some simple steps in a GUI, you can set up the website, customize its look and feel, go live, and start accepting registrations from webcam models on the go.

What about your unique requirements?

Well, it could be a bummer in many situations, but if you chose a script carefully, you could have most of the requirements fulfilled out of the box. What could you expect from a capable adult webcam site in 2020?

  • Clean and standard code-base
  • Professional front-end design
  • Powerful admin backend panel
  • Integrated payment gateway
  • Popular camming features
  • Live 1-on-1 streaming
  • Live group streaming
  • Live chat
  • Sending tips
  • Commission management
  • Tools for marketing

By selecting your turnkey script carefully, you could have all these requirements readily fulfilled. These are common requirements and spending 10 months on incorporating them from scratch would be nothing but – ‘re-inventing the wheel’.

You can spend months re-inventing the wheel, or you can purchase your wheels from the market and rather spend your valuable time, money, and efforts building your unique cart on top of these wheels.

And if you, with some luck, come across a turnkey solution like xShows, you may get not only your common requirements met out of the box but also some of the most unique benefits, too:

  • Full Control: 100% access to the source-code and 100% customizability to get your platform tailored for any feature or look and feel without any limitations.
  • Freedom: Self-hosting capabilities so you need not depend on your software vendor for maintenance, and you can choose your website hosting partner, too.
  • Truly Turnkey: You get inbuilt APIs that can pull over 20,000+ live models from top cam networks to your website. You need not worry about hiring webcam models, as it would have thousands of them out of the box from the first day.

With the right turnkey script, you can have the trickiest challenges dazed out of the box, while you can direct your same time, money, efforts, and resources in taking your business to the next level from this point forward. – A repository of Adult Turnkey Scripts

The explained above scenario with xShows script was one of the examples, but there are tons of competent turnkey solutions in the market for many such adult business ideas. The website is one such repository where you can find dozens of such scripts for different adult business requirements.

When it comes to turnkey scripts for adult business ideas, Adent is the best in the market for four major reasons:

  • The scripts come with 100% open source code.
  • You get a lifetime license with just a one-time payment and no recurring fee.
  • You get tons of built-in APIs in the scripts to kickstart and start earning from the first day.
  • All these scripts are fully customizable to let you tailor the features and design with no limits.

Some of the most popular turnkey adult business scripts from Adent are as follows:

  • xShows: To build a webcam affiliate site with pre-populated models from the first day.
  • xCams: To build a webcam site with in-house webcam models.
  • xFans: To build an adult clip site or fanclub sites like OnlyFans, ManyVids, and clips4sale.
  • xTalk: To build an online phone sex platform business.
  • xReels: To build an adult short video sharing platform like TikTok, Reels, or SWYP.

If you are re-inventing the wheel…

Then stop immediately and channel your valuable efforts into building something more meaningful. I don’t say that turnkey solutions are always great in every situation, but if you are investing your time and money in building something already available as ready-made, it’s not at all productive.

Even in the most extreme situations, when you can’t find any ready-made solution for your exact needs, it always wise to look for customizable turnkey solutions that come closest to your actual requirements. Customizing a turnkey script to incorporate your unique requirements would always demand a lesser investment of time and money than cultivating the same thing from scratch.

The entire existence of APIs is based on the fact that you need not build everything inside your solutions from scratch, there are ready-made APIs for most of your needs. So why can’t Turnkey scripts, which do the same thing on a bigger scale, get the same treatment? The decision is yours.