The Ladies’ Guide to Anal Sex


The Ladies Guide to Anal Sex

From using anal beads and vibrators, to what types of lubes work best, we answer every question you’ve ever had about your back door.

For many women, anal sex seems to be a binary issue. Either it is a firm no-go, or it’s just not sex if you don’t have someone knocking at the back door. While this polarity surrounding the the issue seems to be well grounded- it doesn’t need to be either or. Anal sex can be a spectacular addition to your orgasmic repertoire, as long as you know how to do it.

“What many men and women struggle with is often times, when they were first introduced to anal sex, it was an all or nothing circumstance.” Say the sex toy gurus at The Pleasure Playhouse. “But if you take the time to gradually build up to anal, it can be an incredibly pleasurable experience.” These sexual Socrates suggest using toys, like anal beads and vibrators, to get you in the mood, and in fighting shape before trying to go all in. Oh yes, we went there, and here’s how you can too.

Anal Beads and Other “Trainer” Toys

So, keeping in mind that anal isn’t something you can just fall into one day, what exactly are the best ways to prepare your derrière for the party? Well- first of all (pulls out soap box) household items- ANY household items are an absolute no go. Yes, this means step away from any and all vegetables, inanimate objects, and without question, pets. I’m sorry, it has to be said. Stick with me, it gets better.

Anal beads and other toys made specifically for your bum are not only made from quality materials, but they are easily cleaned and have a very wide base- so things don’t go exploring on their own, or cause damage to your delicate tissues. But aside from being ideally constructed, anal beads come in varying sizes- often all in one strand. So you can work your way up to bigger and better events, all with the purchase of a single toy.

Buttplugs are another great sex toy that can help introduce you to back door delights, as they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But buttplugs are usually reserved for the anal intermediate or expert. This is largely because when learning the rear ropes, you have to start small and work your way up. Which means that a teeny buttplugs make work in the beginning, but eventually you will outgrow it, and the resale value isn’t that great (no one is shocked). Leaving you with a pile of toys that may be less than pleasurable.

Safety First!

I’ve said it once, I will absolutely say it again- anal is not something you can just spring on someone- whether it be yourself or your partner. In fact, many people become a bit bum shy only because they never got the chance to experience anal sex in a positive and gentle environment. The tissues surrounding your anus and lining your rectum are incredibly sensitive- so anal sex can be extra awesome, but as with most sensitive things- they’re also pretty fragile. This is why it’s so important to be safety minded. Especially when you’re first exploring the back nine.

Basic safety measures to keep in mind when looking to try out anal play for the first time involve the holy trinity of butt stuff:

Lube, lube, and some more lube just to be safe

Start slow and learn to grow

Cleanliness is next to goodliness

The anus and rectum don’t self-lubricate. So it’s important to not only lube yourself and any toys that might be entering the thunder dome, but to reapply this lube regularly. It’s always wise to start with smaller toys (like the little end of a string of anal beads) and work your way up to something bigger overtime (like a strap on, or your partners member). This is a sure-fire way to not only encourage your body to take on bigger and better things, but it also makes the entire process much more enjoyable. Making it much easier to stay relaxed and focus on the good stuff. And last, but certainly not least- keep it clean.

Keeping it clean means always sanitizing your toys before and after use, as well as wrapping up any porous materials (yes- this also applied to skin). That means that even if you’re just thinking about using a finger or two- pop them digits into a condom before insertion. This can help cut down on the incidence of STIs/STDs and general infections.

Following these guidelines means that you are way less likely to encounter any bum related blunders, or awkward trips to the emergency room. Always make sure that if you are using anal beads or another toy, that they are made of high quality, non-porous materials and can be easily sanitized for your safety and satisfaction. That’s it! Now, go my curious little anal ducklings! Go and enjoy the best sex you’ve had yet.