How to Write a Funny Essay in College


Applying humor in your college essay can make you stand out from the crowd, especially when writing a college application essay.

By using real-life, comical events, college students have gained an edge over other students in the admissions process. It makes you more relatable, memorable, and likable in the eyes of the admissions officers.

When your application has the same good grades, extracurriculars, and test scores as hundreds of other students, try some of these writing tips below to give your essay a unique and humorous angle.

Make it Personal

You should find a personal aspect to include in your funny college essay. For example, you can recall a funny story from your childhood or highlight a specific characteristic of your personality and give it a twist of humor. Doing so can draw attention to some of your best qualities without making you seem boastful or too arrogant.

If you’re having trouble finding a personal strength or attribute, try asking friends or family for some ideas. Keep in mind also that you should showcase something positive about yourself. Your essay shouldn’t focus on controversial subjects or vapid tendencies, and you don’t want to offend your audience. You should try to evoke feelings of trust and interest that are relevant to who you are as a person. Things that others can empathize with and understand will make a great first impression.

Sound Natural

Your writing shouldn’t use words that you wouldn’t use in daily conversation. Keep the tone natural, as it gives your writing a more personal touch. Admissions officers are also likely to know whether you used a thesaurus or not. Shy away from searching for synonyms, as it can make you seem like a try-hard.

So, keep your writing succinct with a friendly tone. It will give your jokes a better chance to land, and it will better maintain your audience’s attention.

Don’t Overdo it

Your humor should smoothly blend into your writing. Instead of merely telling a joke, you want to tell a story. The power of storytelling is huge. Even marketers and advertisers use it to sell various products and services. Use storytelling to your advantage in your essay telling your readers a funny story that can teach them something.

Keep in mind that your writing should be interesting, introspective, and informational, with added bits of comedic relief. This humorous edge is what makes you unique and memorable, but it’s not the sole purpose of your essay. Your personal story and accomplishments are what should shine through in the end.

Don’t forget to structure your essay properly either. Make sure you have a winning iron-clad thesis statement and build your key ideas around it.

Paint a Real Picture

Your essay should have a beginning, middle, and end of a true event that has taken place in your life. Often, some of the best essays are about a mundane event that resulted in a silly and funny mistake from the student. These funny mistakes make for great stories. When you combine the mistakes with an important lesson or aspect of your life, it makes for a striking essay.

Sticking to something real makes it much easier to write. It’s hard to tell a story or make a joke about something you don’t understand. In the end, your narrative and humorous appeals should give insight into who you are as a person. The admissions officers should find something noteworthy in your story that goes beyond your grades, test scores, and academic accomplishments depicted in the rest of your application. Do this and you are sure to win their hearts.

Pro Tips

Make the essay short and sweet. You want to keep your readers engaged throughout, and an essay that gets right into the details, with a few attention-grabbing funny lines, is sure to be more memorable. Keeping it light while finding a balance between thoughtfulness and humor is the perfect combination to land you a slot in enrollment.

Key Takeaways

Let’s sum it up, all the tips that may turn your piece of writing into a winning funny and at the same time strong essay that can wow your tutors and help you land an A or even an A+.

  • Make it personal: Write about a specific character trait, life event, or childhood memory
  • Sound natural: use your own, individual voice
  • Use tidbits of humorous appeals without overdoing it
  • Tell a story and paint a picture
  • Keep it short and sweet

These tips may be great but if you’d implement them they’re useless. So if after reading them you are still thinking “Who can write an essay for me so that it’s funny and up to par?”, don’t hesitate to reach out to experts for essay help. WriteMyPaperHub is a great example of professional paper writing services you can pay safely and fully rely on online.

In all, adding humor to your college application essay is an awesome way to distinguish yourself from other applicants and get accepted into your school of choice. Just make sure to take care in choosing your topic and tone. It can have a great impact on the end result.

A personal story that resonates and brings a smile out of readers is perfect, while an overexaggerated and trying-too-hard-to-be-funny essay might leave your application tossed in the rejection pile. However, with the tips above, you’re well on your way to writing a stellar, impressive, and funny essay.