5 Alternatives to Cigarettes That Are Actually Useful

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5 Alternatives to Cigarettes That Are Actually Useful

Smoking is out. With companies around the US refusing to hire smokers, insurance companies charging premiums, not to mention the stigma that’s associated with the habit- we found 5 alternatives that you can actually enjoy.

Chances are, if you’re of the early scale Millennial culture or GenX and above- you’ve struggled with cigarettes. Bouncing back and forth between quitting and lighting up again is a massive headache- especially when you don’t particularly hate the habit. Luckily there are a ton of really great options out there when you just need a public friendly alternative to cigarettes– and here are 5 that you might actually appreciate- if not outright revel in.

Vape Products

No matter what your take on vaping is- it’s one of the most widely used and well promoted adjuncts to cigarettes that is available. Where even certain governments, like in the UK, advocate it as the alternative of choice. The only problem with switching to vape products is that they’re not exactly “smokeless”. While there is no combustion- and therefore no smoke- you still get massive clouds of vapor that can be a bit of a deterrent to most people, and vaping isn’t allowed in most public spaces.

Snus and Nicotine Pouches

Snus and nicotine pouches are extremely popular when it comes to satisfying your need for nicotine, without having to smell like a pack of stale cigarettes. Added bonus- research has suggested they’re less toxic than cigarettes too.The definitely smokeless and largely odorless snus and pouch are almost impossible to notice when used properly. As opposed to dipping tobacco or “chew”, you don’t use a large amount and there’s no spitting required. Simply put a small amount ( or pre-portioned in the case of nicotine pouches) of snus between your lip and gum line, and body mechanics will do the rest. Gently absorbing nicotine through your oral tissues, completely under the radar of anyone you may be talking to.


These nicotine replacement options have been available for years with little or no change to how they work. Gum and patches are probably the most popular options, with the newer inhaler-style setups trailing a bit. Each of these are safe, easy, and effective, but you might struggle with patches as they don’t provide the oral and manual stimulation that your body is used to. Also, these alternatives can be wildly expensive, but are worth a mention.

Nicotine-Free and Smokeless Options

There are tons of nicotine free and smokeless options when it comes to finding decent alternatives to cigarettes. Especially when looking into the aforementioned snus or nicotine pouches markets. Plant based options that include herbs and therapeutics- like mint or CBD are incredibly popular. Giving you a boost when you need it most. Because smoking often comes with an extra oral fixation, on top of any existing nicotine addictions, finding options that can help curb the hand to mouth action are super useful.

Adult Stim Toys

While this might sound like something you’d rather not discuss with your boss or your parents, stim toys aren’t your typical “adult toy”, but actually different types of tactile objects that help stimulate your creative process through focusing nervous energy. Fighting the fidget is a huge part of finding a decent alternative to cigarettes, and luckily there are now literally thousands of options when it comes to finding office-friendly gadgets that can help fill that void. From the all too famous “fidget spinners” to chewable jewelry and pen toppers. Letting you divert your cravings in a way that is discreet and nicotine free.


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