What You Need To Know About CBD Vape Cartridges


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Let’s be honest, everyone has been a little curious to try and experiment with forbidden fruits. And for a lot of us, that has been cannabis – the herb that can do it all! Using this plant for its psychoactive substances is anything but new. It has been recorded as far as 8000 BC, and its history does not stop there!

Its aliases throughout time are numerous, and you have probably heard them all. “Ganja,” “weed,” “pot,” “grass” are just a few in English, and who knows what others there are in other languages throughout the world!

All of this illustrates that the influence of marijuana is truly global, and there is probably no person on Earth that has not come in contact with it. Whether that is good or bad, it’s up to discussion. Fortunately for you, that is exactly what we will discuss here.

Although historically, cannabis has provided us with far more benefits than disadvantages, the panic surrounding the use of marijuana has only recently subsided. This is in large part because of a decade’s old campaign fed on misinformation, fear-mongering, and faulty science. Take a look at the full story on this link: https://undark.org/2019/01/21/reefer-madness-marijuana-science/.

Misunderstandings about mental health

One of the biggest misconceptions about smoking weed is that it causes schizophrenia. Now, understandably, no one wants to fall victim to this terrible disorder. The human psyche is very fragile and essential to who we are as people, and we all do our best to maintain control of it.

So, what lies behind this false assumption? Well, studies show that young people with (un)diagnosed schizophrenia seem to abuse cannabis more often than their healthy peers do with alcohol. Essentially, this is an inverse correlation. Instead of increased marijuana use causing schizophrenia, it seems that the condition itself provokes patients diagnosed with it to consume this plant more.

Additionally, out of all the mental disorders, schizophrenia is one of, if not the most, associated with genetics. What that means is that if there is a family history of a relative suffering from this condition, it is more likely to manifest in a person. Then, continued abuse of cannabis increases the risk of activating some of those genes and causing psychosis. This can then further evolve into schizophrenia as we know it.

Chronic consumption of weed could also bring on schizophrenia symptoms earlier than they would have usually appeared, which is around late teens to early 20s for men and late 20s to early 30s for women. This could then lead to the misconception that pot caused the mental illness rather than just helped it emerge from the genes.

All of these misunderstandings are due to people largely equating the effects of marijuana with only one of its components – THC. THC is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, the chemical compound that makes you feel happy, giggly, and funny. But it’s not the only one! Another vital part of the chemical structure of this plant is CBD, responsible for feeling relaxed and getting “the munchies.”

And it is this exact chemical compound that has been found to actually alleviate the symptoms of schizophrenia patients. Some even reported a decrease in psychotic symptoms and fewer side effects than traditional anti-psychotic medication! However, these individuals were given carefully measured doses of CBD in clinical settings, which allowed for a controlled scientific investigation. Read all about it here.

The wonders of CBD

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Now, you might be wondering: what other things can CBD do? Trust us, you would not be the first one. And unless you have avoided the internet for the past decade, you have probably heard of some of its beneficial properties.

CBD has been a staple in the field of alternative medicine since cannabis started taking the world by storm. With increased availability and free rein to research it, scientists got to work in dispelling the myths about this plant and exposing its advantages. What they found is nothing short of extraordinary!

CBD oil has been FDA tested and approved in medicine to prevent epileptic seizures caused by this chronic condition. It is so safe that its use has been expanded from adults to teenagers and young children as well.

Another popular use for CBD is in treatments for people suffering from chronic pain, like those undergoing cancer treatments or diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Participants in several studies reported significant decreases in levels and intensity of pain they experienced, which improved their quality of life.

A condition that many of us struggle with well past our teenage years is acne. Whether it is caused by stress, hormones, or simply problematic skin, one thing is for sure – it is uncomfortable. CBD can prove to be a remedy here as well, as it reduces the functions of the sebaceous glands clogging all of those pores.

Well, we hope we have convinced you to add CBD as the next thing on your to-try list. The method of consumption is totally yours to pick. You have a wide range of choice, from CBD vape pens to oil and even gummies, the cannabis industry has something for everyone.

Several last words

Unfortunately, there has been a lot of stigma around marijuana use that is difficult to remove. However, we hope that with proper scientific research and the rising popularity of this plant, we can overcome the shame of using it.