Top 10 Best Sex Toys For Men in 2021


Top 10 Best Sex Toys For Men in 2021

Christmas decoration ball. Billiards. Nail file. Shattered glass. SD card. Plastic pencil box. Marker. Green crayon. Apple pencil. Golf club.

Hold up, I am just joking with you.

But the above 10 “best” prostate massagers and anal stimulators are indeed in male’s anus and be seen by X-Ray.


Why Is The Human Ass A Four-Dimensional Space?

There are always dark corners on the Internet that people can’t notice, hiding things you can’t imagine.

In the corner of Reddit, there is a collection called “Stuck up the ass”, click on it and you will open the door to a new world. This topic mainly summarizes various cases of people stuffing things into the anus and can’t get them out. Why is it called a “Stuck up the ass” collection because the things people put into the anus are really dazzling and varied?

All kinds of bathroom products, from shower gel to deodorant have been discovered here.


Even you will find cold weapons and even hot weapons here.


Some unfortunate animals, such as eels and squirrels, died here.

The 60-year-old man called the emergency hotline, claiming that his pet squirrel was trapped in his anus, and the call was almost hung up by the operator thinking it was a prank call. When he arrived at the hospital, the squirrel was still alive, scratching and biting him in his bowel all the time, and the patient was very painful. After 2 hours of surgery, the human and the mouse were finally separated. Unfortunately, the squirrel was not alive anymore.


Those DIY masturbators are like squandering flowers that make people flurried. The various items in the “Stuck up the ass” collection have caused a great psychological impact on many people who strayed into it. They can’t wait to wash their eyes. This is obviously another dimension – Four-dimensional Space.


The medical name for the situation in the “Stuck up the ass” collection is the Rectal Foreign Body, which means that the foreign body is stuck in the rectum and cannot be taken out. Sometimes the foreign body is stuck in the rectum after passing through the digestive tract, but in most cases, the foreign body is stuffed directly into the rectum from the anus.


Such cases are not rare all over the world. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC publishes “emergency room visit records” every year, which summarizes the various things people put into the body in a year, and the places where things are most often stuffed is the rectum.

There may be many reasons why people stuff things in the anus, and some may be for special purposes, such as transporting drugs, weapons, and other contraband. It may also be used as a means of violence to forcibly stuff objects into someone else’s butt.

But in most cases, rectal foreign bodies are stuffed into the anus for the purpose of seeking sexual stimulation and sexual pleasure. In all cases, the vast majority of patients about 98% are men, with a very wide age distribution, ranging from teenagers to 90-year-olds.

The most common foreign objects are adult toys, which are also the easiest to understand because they are directly related to sex.

A 50-year-old man stuffed a 5-pound dumbbell into his anus, and the photos he took were shocking.


For patients, the most headache problem is not what is in the anus, but to find a reason. The doctor asked why the foreign body ran into the anus. Some people told them frankly, some chose to be silent, and some people made up a large set of theories, arguing that it was an unintentional accident.


But it’s not simple to make up a reason. Even if you don’t consider basic physical knowledge, you still need to answer two key questions, why does this thing touch your butt, and why there is no pants outside the butt when it touches.

To meet these two conditions at the same time, it really requires some screenwriting talents. The explanations given by many patients are quite absurd and full of flaws. The most common reason is accidentally falling.


Many people don’t know how serious the consequences of stuffing things into their bodies are. They try to get to the edge of danger until one day they can’t be taken out and cause a catastrophe.

Although many cases of rectal foreign bodies are really funny, they are not shameful. We should treat various sexual addictions scientifically. On the one hand, we should understand and respect them, and on the other hand, we must have sufficient cognition for their dangers. . The best way to avoid danger is not to stuff unsafe things into butt or other places intentionally.


What Are The Best 10 Male Sex Toy In 2021?

Bananas will go rot, and light bulbs will be broken, and hammers will not be able to be taken out in intestine. Why not spend the price of a pack of cigarettes for safer, sanitary, and professional male sex tools?



Sometimes fleshlight has become synonymous with pussy cups, because it really has a long and trustworthy history and the brand has been successful. Whether it is experience, quality, or creative design, it can deserve to be ranked first.


Practice makes perfect, especially in the bedroom. The Stamina Training Unit was specifically designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse, which can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques, and heighten and intensify orgasms.

Sohimi — S281 GAY ANAL BEADS

Although anal ball and butt plug both go into the anus, they are two different types. Usually, the butt plug pleases you with the “fullness” feeling, but the anal beads is going to give you happiness by in-and-out movements! If you’ve tried out plenty of anal toys but haven’t found the one you love, Sohimi would suggest you try this anal ball, You will have ZERO regrets buying this bundle of joy.


Product Features:

Unique Shape – Differs from general gay anal beads composed of many round balls, this anal ball from Sohimi is specially designed in the composition of 5 different-sized drop-shaped beads and a handle loop in the bottom, and the tip of it is perfectly curved to touch the P point.

Ergonomic Design – The bead at the tip is the smallest, and it gets larger as it gets closer to the loop. Each bead is designed to fit tightly to the internal texture of the anus. You can control the anal ball with the handle loop easily and decide how deep it should go according to your own condition.

Quality Made & Affordable Price – This anal ball is made from superior silicone that is super sturdy and stretchy. You can fold it to any angle to fit different positions without breaking down, whether you prefer using it in the bed, in the bathroom or on the sofa, or on the floor, this anal ball absolutely will satisfy all your needs!

3.Durex – Play Delight Vibrating Bullet


Except for Okamoto, Durex is basically synonymous with condoms. Durex is so famous that almost every adult has heard of it, and even the condoms you have used must once be its brand products. The adult toys they make are also of good quality and worth a try!

4.Sohimi – Unisex Dual Stimulator Vibrator


Three stimulator designs and strong shock bring you the most amazing penetration pleasure. Now reach your deepest pleasure spots.

Combine ergonomic with stepped design, bringing you progressive pleasure. And what you will get is nothing short of total orgasmic joy.

USB charging can be done on your computer, laptop, phone charger –– anywhere there’s a USB connection.

100% waterproof for wet and wild play. You can use it in the bathroom, swimming and toilet.

Every item you purchase is protected by Sohimi Guarantee. You must be happy with your order!


5.We-Vibe – Verge

WE-VIBE is very professional, whether you are a single person or a couple, you can find products that can bring you sexual pleasure in its products. This we-vibe verge is for penis stimulation.


6.Sohimi — Vibrating Penis Ring Sex Toy for Couples

This vibrating penis ring is popular among men and couples, it’s a multi-function vibrating ring for couples. Put on this vibrating penis ring, it makes the penis longer and harder, delays the erection. At the same time, the vibrating head stimulates the clitoris and vagina constantly.

This vibrating penis ring is specially designed, the stretchy cock ring is long enough to accommodate any size, it’s easy to hit a female’s clit.


With 12 vibration modes, you can experience various levels of sexual pleasure, and the remote control is 50 feet, making it easy to operate.

This vibrating penis ring is USB rechargeable, it is eco-friendly and easy-to-use. What’s more, it’s small and easy to carry, 100% Waterproof, which means it can be used anywhere from the bed to the bath.

This vibrating penis ring will be shipped in private and discreet standard packaging. Go surprise your Partner!

 7. Sohimi – Banana Double Vibrator


A very interesting gift with a banana-like design, perfect for a holiday and honeymoon.

Two-point stimulation, one is fit the clitoris fancy tease while another is fit the human body structure, directly to your point G.

The resilient material and heavy-duty design make the masturbator extremely durable as well for long-lasting fun.

Protect your privacy and use secret packaging, Nobody will Know What is Inside.

Every item you purchase is protected by Sohimi Guarantee. You must be happy with your order!

8.Sohimi – Remotely Prostate Massage with Bead


Ergonomic Design: Fit closely the human body structure, not easy to fall. The beaded shape allows you to experience a different feeling of different sizes. Strong vibration on the top will make you reach orgasm quickly.

9 Vibration & Remote Control: 9 modes of vibration give you different feelings. You can free your hands and also can ask your partner to control for you, which brings you much convenience. It is can be used within 5-10m.

Food-Grade Silicone & Mute Design: Friendly silicone material, it is safe to use and no harm to your health. Double mute design, no sound, only the gasp when you are in the climax.

More Postures: The bullet vibrator can be used separately from the butt plug, suitable for both men and women. You can use it to explore many novel ways to play.

360° Rotation & 100% Waterproof: The top can reach 360-degree rotation, allowing you to reach climax quickly. 100% waterproof so that the pool and bathroom can be your battlefield.


Lelo is a luxury brand in sex toys. Their design win the Red Spot award and I love their design.


10. Lovehoney – Triple Tickler Realistic Purple G-Spot Dildo Vibrator

The UK brand began as a retailer and now is a monster in the adult toy industry.


Every man has his hobbyhorse and I hope you could always choose the one most suitable for you.