Delta 8: What It Is and What It Does

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When browsing for cannabis products one of the first things you’ll note is the vast and ever-growing selection of products to choose from. As a newer industry, the cannabis field is filled with innovative companies developing new and exciting ideas and bringing them to the marketplace. One such product is Delta 8 THC flower. Delta 8 is sold in many forms such as edibles however, you may be wonder what is it, and what makes it different from all the other options?

What Is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is extracted from cannabis and is similar to Delta 9 which is the most common type of THC available. Delta 8 is similar to Delta 9 with its difference being found in its chemistry and how it affects users. The chemical difference is on which carbon in the chain that a double-bound is found on for Delta 8 it is the eight and as expected on Delta 9 it is the ninth. This difference appears to be minor on the surface, but it does produce different effects when ingested that you will notice. Delta 8 is found in the expected forms such as extracts, edibles, oils, gummies, and more.

What Does Delta 8 Do?

When you use Delta 8 the effects you’ll experience are milder than those found in Delta 9. These effects are the common THC effects such as calmness, euphoria, increased hunger, and in some people giddiness. You do get high and can experience some of the downsides of that such as red eyes and coughing. This is one area where Delta 8 differs from other cannabis products such as CBD creams which have similar medical benefits but lack the sensation of getting high.

Does Delta 8 Offer Any Medical Benefits?

When used Delta 8 does offer advantages in addition to a relaxing high. It can be used to reduce anxiety, relieve nausea symptoms, reduce pain, and stimulate appetite. All of these are quite useful and can be used to improve your quality of life depending on your need. Appetite stimulation is often used as a punch line but for some with certain ailments or that are on specific medical regimens, this can be life-changing.

Why You’d Want To Use Delta 8

When compared to other cannabis products Delta 8 offers its own unique properties that make it something you’d be interested in using. While its effects are similar to Delta 9 users report Delta 8 as being much milder and less intense. For some users, this is a benefit. Some people are sensitive to the effects of THC and prefer a milder response. Others note it’s easier to concentrate and remain clearheaded while on Delta 8 which allows them to relax while still doing other tasks.

Final Thoughts

When on your online store of choice you shouldn’t overlook Delta 8 it is a new and innovative product and one that could be exactly what you’re looking for. Available in useful forms such as cookies it’s not only easy to take but also tasty. If you’ve been looking for a milder but still effective THC product Delta 8 may be the product you need.

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