Dude Proposed To His Girlfriend With Some McDonald’s, She Didn’t Like It (Video)


This guy proposed to his girlfriend by placing the ring on a McDonald’s chicken sandwich.  She didn’t like his idea.  He explained why he proposed using the McDonald’s along with the youtube post:

I met my girlfriend 2 years ago in LA. I’ve never been good at planning in advance which is why we wound up ending our first date at this exact McDonalds. She joked for months about how 10 years down the road I would probably propose to her in a chicken nugget box so I thought she would love when I surprised her this way. She didn’t love it like the way I thought she would. We agreed to wait longer until it’s time to get engaged.

So it looks like he was shot down and they’re not engaged.  That sucks for him because it does sound like he put some thought and effort into it.  But I’m with her, you can propose with a chicken sandwich.