Guys, Listen Up: You Don’t Need Girls To Have A Good Time


Photo by Dainis Graveris on SexualAlpha.

A lot of men seem to think that they need to have women around to have a good time, but that’s not true. In fact, thanks to the internet, you can achieve sexual satisfaction (and fulfill yourself) with only a mobile device. You can also use sex toys, which make for a great substitute if you are used to actually having a woman present.

If you are interested in learning about how you can achieve satisfaction alone, at home, then this post’s got you covered. Here they are:

Using Sex Toys

As mentioned in this post’s introduction, a highly effective way of achieving sexual satisfaction without having a woman present is to use sex toys. The use of sex toys among men is becoming a lot more common. It’s not hard to see why, since these toys for men have been engineered with male pleasure in mind. If you are planning on using a toy then make sure that you do research before buying one and buy one that’s high-quality and made to a high standard. Before buying a sex toy, it may also be worth asking other men on a forum dedicated to that sort of thing for their advice.

VR Pornography

Ordinary pornography is fun, but VR pornography is better. VR stands for virtual reality. You can wear a virtual reality headset and then watch highly immersive porn. A great way to complement this kind of pornography is to use a sex toy, while simultaneously watching the porn. However, you may need to sign up for a VR porn website before you can watch it. Because a lot of effort has to go into producing this type of content it is very rare to find it being distributed for free online.

Hiring Escorts

While you don’t necessarily need a woman present to have a good time, it is worth noting that if you really want one and don’t have anybody who you can call for casual sex, then you could always hire an escort. An escort is a sex worker. However, in places where prostitution is illegal, they advertise themselves as escorts, because escorting is not illegal and sex is not usually promised. If you are looking for an escort to hire then make sure that you do your research and find one that’s well-reviewed and offers a high-quality service.

Video Chat

Another very effective way of enjoying yourself without having a woman physically present is to use a video chat service. There are many different video chat services that allow you to sex chat with real women. You have to pay for some of these, and for others, you don’t. Chatroulette is one such site, although in recent years they have taken steps to restrict people from being able to sex chat with people. Omegle, on the other hand, is still frequented by a lot of people who are looking to sex chat.

You don’t need a girl there to have a good time. There are a lot of ways that you can achieve sexual satisfaction without one. Sex toys are, by far, this list’s cheapest and also most effective option. Video chatting can be free, but is also very difficult, meaning it’s not as good an option as sex toys are.