What Us Guys Love Most About Cloud Gaming


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Even if you are not sure of the question, we are pretty sure that cloud gaming could be the answer. We love cloud gaming that much! You see, we want there to be a future when there will be no need to buy all that complex hardware. We want to be able to plug in our controller to a phone, connect to a wi-fi source or on the 5G network and hook up to a server where our game, and our progress is stored. Is this too much to ask?

You might think we are ungrateful for the advances that have already been made. It is true that consoles have made it possible to immerse yourself in some crazy complex worlds on the most basic of consoles. However, we have reached that point when we need a massive next-gen update. We need to take this content and stream it from the cloud, which will need to be scaled, and the streaming tech invented – oh and the telecom networks will need to deliver the 5G connectivity on a massive scale.

How will it work?

Currently, streaming games are hampered by bandwidth issues and the challenge of latency. Co-op games and multiplayer games require highly synchronised performance and this just cannot be guaranteed. Downloading the game reduces these issues, as games can be played locally and only a portion of the game is taken online.

Cloud gaming works in a similar way to video streaming. No one questions anymore that the DVDs we once had to buy are stored in the millions in the ether just waiting for us to want to watch them. Soon, the same will be the case for gaming. The game will be delivered via content delivery networks (like Netflix but for games) and this system will dynamically adjust content to be delivered to your smartphone or to your 55 inch 4K television. The difference between movie and game is that the movie can buffer while dealing with lag, a gaming experience would be ruined by such latency issues – everything must happen in real time.

The golden future

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OK, so we have acknowledged that the challenge of cloud gaming is huge. However, we love it, so we want to tell you why it is worth overcoming all these hurdles.

Untethered gaming

First, cloud gaming untethers the gamer from a specific console. No longer will you be a PC player or a PS player or XBox. You will be able to log into your gaming account and pick up your progress on whatever device you use. You could start on your console and finish on your smartphone. Ultimately, this means even those lower-income consumers can participate in the growing world of gaming and the massive opportunities that are emerging for skill players.

No download time

Second, and equally huge, is there would be no download time. Yes, you don’t have to wait hours for your game to be ready or to update itself just when you find an hour to have a game. Ask any gamer what they hate the most about consoles it is this frustration, as it interrupts the potential for play. These frustrations will all but disappear with the emergence of cloud gaming! You might not even have to purchase the game to play. Instead, you will buy a subscription to a gaming service that will be responsible for delivering the streaming.

Maximising economic potential

With mobile gamers,  immersive gamers, esports enthusiasts and the nonplayers the industry hopes to attract, the technology will undoubtedly catapult the sector into greater success. However, with mobile gamers making up almost half the global gaming market, the industry will be glad to solve the immediate problem of too-simplistic gaming experiences on mobile devices. It is currently a market worth $70billion and is growing at 10% a year. If the gaming sector is to maximise this popularity then it will need to find a way to improve the quality and therefore durability of this experience. This is why we need cloud gaming more than any other reason.

In short

Cloud gaming is technically difficult but both inevitable and essential. To be successful, the shift in gaming will require a whole new business model but one that could guarantee a much broader market share. While consumer demand for cloud gaming will play a huge part in shaping the future, the sheer amount of money to be saved and made will be the most significant factor in its development.