Here’s what every woman expect on a first date


So, you’ve just met your first date on one of the top dating sites. You’ve booked this date, and you don’t want to be the odd one out. Well, you are just okay to have high expectations on your first date – we’ve all been here at some point. Unlike men, women tend to have higher expectations when going for a first date.

If you are lucky to date a lady who’s been on two or three dates before, you’ll be happy because they are easy to get along with most of the time. They know what they are looking for when they date a man, just like you know exactly what type of fancy car you would buy if you win the lottery and win at sports betting, even better you click on the FairGo casino login to place your first bet haha.

A lot happens on a first date, and in this article, we highlight some five things that most women expect when they go on a first date with a man to help you prepare for your big day.

1. Show you have charm 

Most women like to be in the company of the happiest and charming man. So after pulling the chair for her and giving her the rose, maybe it’s time to flirt and crack some jokes. If you know something about the lady, why don’t you use that information to your advantage?

Of course, a first date is a perfect time to ask questions that may be bothering you about someone, but if you have some bits about them, you can use those facts to make this a perfect date and win the day. If you want to add some point to your list, you should do what you believe the lady likes most on this crucial day. If she likes being tipsy, then maybe a glass of wine on the table can just turn him on.

2. Keep it cool, don’t rush

When going on your first date, you may be anxious, but don’t let the lady know that this is perhaps your first day out on a date. You see, you have to show the gentleness in you, which makes you a gentleman. Freaking out on this special day makes her doubt your consent and the words you speak on this day.

That said, you should just remain polite and avoid being pushy. Open the door for her, pull the chair for her, and welcome her for the date. You should make your date feel safe, happy, and free to stay in your company. When you let people tense or freak, getting the information you need from them is a bit hard. Again you should note this, even when you are the funniest person around, you shouldn’t crack any joke that has a secretion or vomiting scene on it – this is a complete turnoff for most women.

3. Compliment the woman

Do you like what you see? Well, every lady you meet has something unique that makes them stand out from the rest. When she’s beautiful, and you can feel it, why don’t you start the conversation by appreciating her beauty?

If she’s putting on a decent dress and some stiletto for this night date, she wants you to recognize her efforts, and that means you should not hesitate to compliment her. It only takes a minute to earn a woman’s heart by complimenting their beauty or pointing their strengths on a first date. You must acknowledge the woman’s effort on this first date because she has taken some good time pimping herself and getting ready to meet you.

4. Show you want to know her

You’ve just realized that this is not her first date, and that should not make you look less of a man. The last man who made a move probably failed to impress this lady because they did not know her interests. While you might be focusing on showing her what you’ve accomplished and why you are the best, you should take a break and ask the woman what she likes most and what turns her off.

When you ask questions and comment on what others say, you keep the conversation going. If you are talkative, that is okay, but you have to give your date some time to chat with you. You want to ensure that when the date is over, you know something about this woman to help you make up your mind whether you should meet again or not.

5. Have a plan ‘B’

When a woman comes for a date, they always have a ‘just in case’ idea in mind. If you turn out to be the right guy they’ve been looking for, you may be in for a big surprise if it ends on a one night stand.

Therefore, when your first plan to impress your date fails, you should always have a second backup plan to ensure you don’t waste this opportune day. You should have some idea to make this day the best moment for your woman if your first plan fails.

Final Thoughts 

It takes less than a minute to make up your mind on whether you want to stick around with someone on a first date.

Therefore, when you invite a woman for a date, you should always create an impression that you are the last one she should have on her list. Try to be real, engage the lady in the conversation, and do all you can to leave her impressed before a goodbye.