Forget Science: This is Why Your Soul Craves a Body Rub Specialist


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There is no scientific evidence that confirms the presences of a soul, and yet- we all know the feeling of when our soul is satisfied.

In 1907, physician Duncan MacDougall attempted to prove the existence of the soul using the semi-famous “21 grams experiment”. During that time, by using the body mass fluctuations of 6 different patients at the time of their deaths. While MacDougall’s results did little to suggest any actual significance, the popular theory, or maybe myth, became that the soul weighed approximately 21 grams. Since that time, there have been few- if any- experiments to corroborate MacDougalls findings, and near to no scientific evidence that the soul even exists.

Despite this extreme lack of evidence, many of us still believe we have a soul. Many of us can feel it, in our own ways. Quietly ticking alongside our life force. We do things that “feed” our souls. We “save” our souls. We find our soul “mates”.  We “bless” the souls of others. So while science may not have decided it’s found the evidence of it, we seem to agree that souls exist. “A soul is something that cannot be explained, nor can it be ignored.” Says the proprietor of Elite Indulgence, a body rub specialist that has been taking care of souls for years.

What Makes Body Rubs Incredible

“There are so many ancient texts, religions, and practices that concern the caretaking of a soul. There are also modern and spiritual techniques for the same. When we take care of our souls, or feed our souls- we just feel better. That is unquestionable.” Elite Indulgence says that body rubs can serve to feed our souls by balancing and connecting the three aspects of our personal existence- the body, the mind, and the spirit. “When we find a balance in all the chaos, when we feel good about ourselves and our lives- it shows. It radiates in beauty inside and out.”


Anxiety and depression- possibly the two most common causes of modern mental distress, are believed (both by scientists and body rub specialists alike) to be caused by focusing anywhere besides the presence. “When we worry about a future that is not here, we panic and stress. When we worry about a past, we can’t change, we feel guilty and disappointed. In either case, we concern ourselves with situations that we have no control over. For so many that’s a hard thing to let go of.” Body rubs help people to focus on the present moment. They bring our nagging and fretting minds starkly into the presents, making it easier to appreciate what we do have, and the joys we are currently experiencing.


The body is a slave to the mind. Consider the placebo effect, broken heart syndrome, or the brute strength of a mother pumped up on adrenaline. “For someone that lives in near constant stress- the body gets worn out. They are tired, wrinkles more easily appear, aches and pain begin. Helping the body to release stored and pent up stress also helps the body to function better, in every aspect.” The body rub specialist reminds us that a body rub is about release. Release of tension. Release of stress. Release of dysfunction.

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The spirit is a much more slippery concept. One that has been debated since time began. Not purely mental, and not purely physical, but a place where the two intermingle. “Empathy, compassion, intimacy- all of these things help to feed our souls and liven our spirits,” she says. “It’s that warm feeling we get when we can help someone, or when we feel that someone genuinely cares for us.” Body rubs can help promote intimacy and trust, as the mind and the body relax, allowing for a total calm to come wrap us in a warm embrace. It’s what draws us together, makes us feel safe, and helps us to understand love.