Reviewing the Top Trends in Outdoor Furniture for 2020


People spent more time at home during 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, but that does not mean they stayed indoors. Many spent more time outdoors at their own home than they had in years.

For some, the extra time at home was an opportunity to use outdoor furniture they owned but did not use often. Others realized the need for quality outdoor furniture for the first time.

With the year ending, now is the ideal time to review some of the top outdoor furniture trends of 2020.

Outdoor Furniture with Warmer Colors

This year saw increased sales of outdoor furniture designed with warm tones such as green, orange, pink, and yellow. As the pandemic wore on and people spent more time indoors than they ever expected to, the trend began to shift towards outdoor furniture with brighter colors.

Both trends point toward a consumer preference of warmer colors for their outdoor furniture as well as accessories like rugs. Warmer colors tend to make people feel more relaxed, something many people desperately need in uncertain times.

Modular Sofas

When the weather cooperates, people often enjoy spending time reading a book, listening to music, or playing games on their laptop computer while sitting outdoors. The longer people spend outside in leisure pursuits, the more important it is to sit or lie on comfortable furniture. The modular sofa was an especially popular outdoor furniture item in 2020.

In addition to comfort, homeowners appreciate modular sofas for their style options and versatility. It is easy for people to move pieces of a modular sofa around depending on whether they are spending time outside alone or with a few invited guests.

Tiburon Metal

Outdoor Furniture Made from Woven Rope Material

During 2020, this trend was not only popular with consumers but with furniture designers as well. Outdoor furniture made from woven rope offers the designer tremendous flexibility in design.

One of the first decisions designers make when creating outdoor furniture with rope is whether to weave, warp, braid, or knot the rope into the desired furniture design. Durability and strength are additional benefits of rope as a material used to create outdoor furniture. Woven rope makes for an especially decorative piece of furniture for people to enjoy outdoors.

Conversation Seating

The term conversation seating refers to a set of furniture centered around a single focal point such as a fire pit or fire table, both of which were popular sellers this year. Many people who installed a fire pit or table at home this year also invested in a set of at least four matching chairs to surround it.

Others opted for more seating options, including a small sofa matching the style of the patio chairs. Conversation seating helped people feel more connected to their loved ones at a time when many states required people to self-isolate at home to control the spread of the virus.

Outdoor Furniture Helps to Create Memorable Experiences

Whether forced or intentional, 2020 saw more people aiming to focus on and utilize the space they have available to them. This includes outdoor living areas since more people have come to realize that their living space includes more than just the area inside their home. The shift in mindset has led to an increase in people designing their outdoor space based on the experience they would like themselves and their guests to have. Some examples include:

  • An outdoor bar to unwind with a cocktail at the end of a long and stressful workday
  • A pizza oven that allows the novelty of cooking and eating pizza outside
  • Meditation spaces or an outdoor yoga studio
  • Reading nooks
  • A family entertainment center to watch movies or play games together

When the options to visit places outside the home are as limited as they were this year, it causes homeowners to look at their outdoor space in a whole new light. They first envision the type of experience they would like to have in the space and then select the appropriate types of outdoor furniture and other accessories to make that happen.

Don’t Forget About the Importance of Proper Lighting

Not every day is bright and sunny, nor do people only spend time outdoors during daylight hours. When setting up outdoor furniture and experiences, it is important to install lighting that makes the space both inviting and safe. Strip lighting is simple to install and can help homeowners highlight the most attractive areas of their outdoor space

While it is too early to know what 2021 will bring, the popularity of quality outdoor furniture should only increase as more people enjoy its benefits.

*All images from Terra Outdoor Living with permission