10 Hot Things to Try with Your Partner in the Bedroom


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What was the last fun or wild thing you did in the bedroom? If the answer is having sex with the lights on, time has come to shake things up a little bit.

Sex can be so fun, exciting and kinky! You don’t have to accept plain vanilla sex if you’re interested in something else. if you’re looking for naughty ideas to try with your boyfriend, the following list will give you 10 such suggestions. Put some hot, lacy lingerie on and let’s get started.

1. Seduce Him

Yes, it’s obvious you don’t need to do that. After all, the deed has already been done (a number of times already!).

Playing a little seduction game, however, can build a ton of amazing anticipation.

It doesn’t matter how you do it. Cook a delicious meal in just an apron. Give him a striptease before the main event. Turn into the temptress you know that you can be. What matters the most is forgetting about your inhibitions or insecurities and having fun. The way he’ll look at you after that will definitely give you the courage to express your sexuality in a bolder way.

2. Take the Lead Completely

Did you know that many men fantasize about their partner taking the lead? That means being completely in charge and turning into the dominant party for a change.

If you’ve never been the one to lead completely during sex, give that experience a try.

It can be intoxicating for both parties involved.

For him, your dominance would mean surrendering and enjoying everything that you’re doing. For you, the experience will involve making the decisions about how to please each other. Many couples find such role switches a massive turn-on so don’t dismiss the possibility, even if you prefer being submissive.

3. Sex Toys

Keep in mind that sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it’s a complete shame not giving them a try.

There are sex toys for girls, sex toys for boys and sex toys for couples. There’s the classic dildo with suction cup and there are much more complicated toys that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone app.

It doesn’t matter what you’re going to explore in terms of adult toys. Every single one will result in an experience you’ve never had before. And since the market offers such an amazing variety, chances are that you’ll discover at least a few items that both you and your boyfriend will fall in love with.

4. Rough Sex

Does rough sex make you curious and excited?

it definitely works that way for many women.

Statistics show that over 60 percent of women like rough sex. How rough you’re going to go depends entirely on you and your partner. For some people, a slap on the butt would be sufficient. Others may want to go harder.

Whatever you do, make sure that it is consensual and that you’ve discussed the specifics in advance. Doing so will keep both of you from going too far.

5. Anal Play

Most men wouldn’t turn down an anal play proposition.

The problem is that many ladies have been conditioned to believe anal sex is going to be rough, uncomfortable or even painful.

When done correctly, anal play can be a lot of fun and it can lead to powerful orgasms.

Good anal play is all about lots of foreplay, lots of lube and using toys to get accustomed to the sensation. Give it a try at least once. You can always stop if you find out it’s not your thing.

6. Temperature Play

We explore many sensations when having sex. Touch, taste, hearing and sight are all stimulated. But there are ways to gen even more sensory stimulation through the addition of hot and cold elements to bedroom play.

Chances are that you’ve never considered temperature play but you should definitely do so.

Temperature play refers to using ice and heat on different body parts. The change in temperature contributes to an even higher level of arousal and more pleasure.

Using ice cubes is a very simple way to try temperature play. You can pop one in your mouth before giving oral sex, for example. Alternatively, try glass sex toys that can be heated up or cooled down.

7. Orgasm Denial

Orgasm denial takes teasing to the next level and while it sounds anything but fun, these techniques can result into powerful climaxes like never before.

Put simply, orgasm denial is bringing yourself or your partner to the brink of an orgasm and discontinuing the stimulation at that very moment.

Once you’ve managed to calm down, you start with the stimulation once again. Doing this a few times will eventually lead to mind-blowing orgasms your boyfriend is going to be thankful for.

8. Let Him Watch You Masturbate

For most people, masturbation is a very intimate and personal act they wouldn’t share with anybody else.

Here’s the thing, however – men like to watch.

Giving him a chance to watch you please yourself will probably be a huge turn-on for your guy.

Not only is this activity very exciting for him, it can also be highly educational. When he observes how you touch yourself, he becomes more capable of giving you a good and delicious orgasm when the two of you have sex. So, this activity will lead to a win-win situation.

9. Let Him Dominate You

A bit of light bondage and dominance can be fun, if you’re into that thing.

You don’t need whips, nipple clamps and medieval torture machines to make light bondage happen.

A pair of handcuff or a scarf/tie to wrap around your wrists will be enough for a start. If both of you are enjoying this kind of sex, you can start exploring other aspects of BDSM.

Please understand, however, that the porn depiction of dominance isn’t realistic. BDSM doesn’t have to involve elements of extreme pain or humiliation. Once again – sex is whatever the two of you decide it to be. if you are curious about BDSM, explore your fantasy. Set clear boundaries in advance and you’ll certainly be ok.

10. Make a Sex Tape

Now, this final option is a good idea only if you trust your boyfriend enough.

A sex tape starring the two of you will be amazingly arousing to do and to watch afterwards. It also shows a lot of trust and vulnerability. Make sure the person you’re doing the recording with deserves both before jumping on the sex tape bandwagon.

Give this idea a try even if you’re not confident about your body.

It’s time to understand the fact that you’re beautiful and amazing. Perfect bodies don’t exist, which is why you should embrace your flaws. Besides, the confidence required to record yourself during the most intimate moment is very, very sexy.

Are any of these activities on your sexual bucket list? If so, the time has come to give them a try. Not only will sexual experimentation make your relationship hotter, it can also deepen the connection between the two of you. One step at a time, you can turn intimacy into an amazing adventure. And if you are with the right person, they’ll definitely appreciate the experience.